She's one of the greatest of all time.  Jacket design. Berkley. 2014.
 Dope new look for a super book.  Cover design. Penguin. 2015.
 Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?  Cover design + illustration. Adaptive Books. 2015.
 I pitched the idea for a Zombie Combat activity and coloring book, and got to design this hot little number. Please buy it when it drops in January.   Cover design, book concept + color. Berkley. 2015.
 Nazi rockets? No thanks.  Jacket design + photo illustration. Ace. 2014.
 A magical tome.  Cover design, illustration + lettering. Ace. 2014.
 This book has been through a lot...  Art direction + cover design. Berkley. 2012.
 This was a fun one—I smashed a vase with a hammer. I borrowed that vase from work.  Art direction + cover design. Berkley. 2010.
 This quirky novel imagines a haunting by Dorothy Parker—one I would very much enjoy. I've tried saying her name three times into the mirror with the lights off, but nothing yet...  Art direction + cover design. Berkley. 2013.
 This girl is freaky. And I like it.  Cover design. Berkley. 2014.
 Cover design and illustration for Mom I'd like to...falafel.  Berkley. 2011.
 I used  Sara Wood 's type from her beautiful hardcover design on this trade paperback redesign.  Cover design. Berkley. 2012.
 I designed and co-illustrated this life-saving how-to.  Cover design. Berkley. 2010.
 Bloody awesome book.  Cover design. Berkley. 2012.
 Spoiler alert: It's actually the same sun.  Jacket design. Berkley. 2013.
 Crack is wack. So is drunk driving.  Cover design. Berkley. 2012.
 Not just an epic  Boyz II Men  song.  Cover design. Berkley. 2011.
 Watch out San Francisco—there's a zombie on your bridge.  Cover design + photo-illustration. Berkley. 2013.
 Watch out Oakland—there are some zombies on your boat.  Cover design + photo-illustration. Berkley. 2014.
  Third zombie adventure in the Omega Series.     Cover design + photo-illustration. Berkley. 2013.
 What's worse than being chained up in a cave? Being chained up in a cave in Iceland!  Jacket design. Berkley. 2011.
 This book is not about dating.  Cover design. Berkley. 2012.
  Me? Oh I'm just waiting for all the dudes to come back from war .  Art direction + cover design. Berkley. 2014.
 Ah, to be house-ridden and infinitely lovely...  Cover design. Berkley. 2013.
 I think all cake is breakfast cake.  Cover design. Berkley. 2012.
  Art direction, lettering + cover design. Photo by Ashley Barrett. Berkley. 2012.
 Cover design. Berkley.. 2014.
  Coming out of the woodwork.     Cover design + lettering. Berkley. 2012.
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